Diogo da Silva has a Master’s Degree in Basic Education (K6), both in social studies and in science. With a solid background in computing and multimedia, he has focused his efforts on the application of technology in education, having participated and developed several projects that aim to enrich children’s lives through the conscientious use of technology. He holds the position of Pedagogical Director of Visionarium – The STEAM Science Center, which will reopen its doors in 2021 and coordinates the STEAM department at EscolaGlobal, where he developed a curriculum focused on cooperative work and the development of soft skills.

Both in escolaglobal and Visionarium, Diogo da Silva developed the Minecraft: Education Edition curriculum and speraheads M:EE projects, which envolve teacher training, world-building, live-lessons, etc.

Activity in Minecraft: Education Edition

Active Citizen – Live Lesson

Developed the “Mundo da Festa da Flor” world to promote M:EE in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Developed the supporting training materials. Delivered online and in-person training sessions on how to use M:EE in the classroom. https://education.minecraft.net/pt-pt/lessons/2403

Active Citizen – Live Lesson

Hosted an Active Citizen Live Lesson (Portuguese version and crowd), where I showcased the world and led students/teachers on the adventure. https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/discover/active-citizen

Safer Internet Day

Lead the development of Microsoft’s Safer Internet Day world and interactive video (world to be published).
The project consists of a world that explores internet safety questions with a game-based learning approach.

Building the Future 2022 Videos

Built the world and developed a series of videos for Microsoft’s Building the Future 2022 event.
All videos were developed in-M:EE and later edited with video-editing software.


Classroom Activities

Developed innovative classroom activities for real-world depiction, soft-skills development and collaborative work.